We carefully choose a sample of website pages to reflect the accessibility of the website in accordance with the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines Evaluation Methodology (WCAG-EM). The sample of pages are rigorously checked and cross-checked before a final quality assurance check to ensure our service is as reliable as possible.

Your website or application then undergoes user testing carried out by our team, all of whom have disabilities and all of whom have experienced first hand the barriers an inaccessible website places between them and independence.

Once complete we combine all the results and provide you with an easy to follow, comprehensive report detailing:

  • The WCAG checkpoint to which the issue relates
  • Screenshots of problems we encountered
  • Our testers comments
  • Our technical auditors comments
  • Our recommendations on how to put the issue right

Once all the tested elements have been passed we can provide...

  • Expert technical evaluation of your website
  • Template testing
  • Customised training
  • Developer package
  • Wireframe reviews
  • Accessibility policy writing
  • Consultancy