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Digital Accessibility Audit

A technical audit will provide you with an in-depth technical evaluation of the accessibility of your application, highlighting areas that are in need of attention and offering suggestions for maximising inclusion for users with a variety of disabilities.

We automatically test A to AAA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) criteria but provide filtering on the report so that you can adjust that if required e.g. to screen out AAA.  

Page selection

We choose a sample of website pages and documents to reflect the accessibility of the website.  This is done in accordance with the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines Evaluation Methodology (WCAG-EM) and the recommendation of the Australian Government Digital Transformation Office (DTO).  The DTO recommend that a manual technical evaluation be carried out on at least 10% of the number of pages of the website in addition to the use of automated accessibility scans.  .

Technical audit

The sample of pages is rigorously checked and cross-checked against the WACG (2.0) compliance criteria.  This is followed by a final quality assurance check to ensure our audit results are as reliable as possible.

User testing

You can also request to have some of your pages user tested by an auditor with an access disability such as visual or auditory difficulties.  We routinely test for keyboard only and for screen reader access and we can test for voice activation if required.


Once complete we provide you with a comprehensive report detailing:

  • The WCAG 2.0 checkpoint to which the issue relates
  • Screenshots of problems we encounter
  • Our technical auditors comments
  • Our recommendations on how to put the issue right
  • Our user tester comments (if this option has been included)

Additional audit and consulting options

As part of our consulting services, we can work alongside your in-house team and developers to ensure accessibility is considered at every step, saving you time and money in having to go back and fix things that could have been done as you completed each stage.  For example, if colours prove to be inaccessible, it is much more efficient to get them right before going live.

We can also assist with specific stage reviews and advice as you develop or redevelop your website. For example:

  • Wireframe reviews – As you draft new page designs, we can review them and offer advice and feedback before they become templates.  We identify possible issues with accessibility so that your page developers can code your templates with those in mind.
  • Template testing – we will review your templates and identify any accessibility issues before you start to fill them with content.