Web Key IT Pty Ltd

Web Key IT exists to assist organisations in ensuring information access for all potential clients and users to meet the internationally-recognised website standard WCAG 2.0.  Web Key IT is now a full member of the W3C, one of only about ten in Australia.

Web Key IT is a group of accessibility specialists who provide services from auditing to training to ensure your website meets these standards, empowers all users and meets the current accessibility standards.

Web Key IT provides accessibility consulting, technical assessment, user testing, auditing and accreditation, training and remedial assistance.

One of Web Key’s initiatives provides a remediation service for existing web-based documents, including PDF, and Microsoft documents to ensure accessibility.

Located in Western Australia, Web Key IT utilises a highly skilled and experienced technical accessibility specialists.  We use the services of our strategic partner, DAC (Digital Accessibility Centre), for user testing when required by clients.

It makes good business sense to ensure your website is not only compliant, but accessible to all potential clients and users.


Vivienne Conway, Director, Web Key IT Pty Ltd


Vivienne Conway has completed a PhD at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia. Her field of research is website accessibility, particularly as it relates to the National Transition Strategy for Website Accessibility (NTS) introduced by the Australian Federal Government. Vivienne’s thesis is available from: http://ro.ecu.edu.au/theses/1405/

Vivienne is a member of  a number of W3C working groups including the Research and Development Working Group, the WCAG Working Group, the Education and Outreach Working Group and the Evaluation Methodology Task Force.  Web Key IT Pty Ltd is now a full member of the W3C, one of only ten member organisations in Australia.

Previously Vivienne completed a First Class Honours Degree where she examined the accessibility of the public library websites in Western Australia. The websites audited were those attached to local government websites where there was an online link to the public library services.  It is perhaps not too surprising that the research indicated that no public library in WA adhered to Level A of WCAG 1.0 when the research was completed in 2010.

The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) awarded the Twila Ann Janssen Award for Disability Services to Vivienne in 2010 for her work with website accessibility in the WA public libraries.

In 2011 Vivienne won a Google award to travel to Hyderabad, India to present her proposed PhD research into website accessibility at the W4A 2011 Conference. This was a co-located conference with the World Wide Web Conference in March 2011. Presenting at this conference has provided an increased awareness of the efforts of people around the globe who are making the web an inclusive place for everyone.  Vivienne is now a member of the W4A Conference Committee as well as the bid committee who will be hosting the WWW 2017 / W4A 2017 Conference in Perth W.A.

Vivienne launched Web Key IT Pty Ltd in July 2011. This business initiative specializes in website accessibility auditing, training, and consulting. Services include technical auditing services along with extensive user testing by a group of experienced usability testers, all of whom have a disability and are assistive technology users.

For the past three years, Vivienne has been one of the judges of the Australian Web Industry Association awards, principally judging the nominated websites for accessibility.  In addition, she regularly presents at conferences and forums on the subject of accessibility most recently for the Australian Computer Society, Department of Agriculture and Food, Department of Health, and the Australia/New Zealand Testing Board.

Vivienne would say that helping to ensure website become more accessible for people with disabilities is why she gets up each morning!

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Honours Thesis

Conway, V. Website accessibility issues in Western Australian public libraries. 2010, Thesis (B.I.T. (Hons)) Edith Cowan University, 2010. Available from: http://ro.ecu.edu.au/theses/1405/

Conference papers:

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ISSN: 0158-0876.



Amanda Mace - Project Manager

Amanda is currently working at Web Key IT as Project Manager and Senior Website Analyst. This work includes: website and document auditing, document remediation and project management. 

Since joining the Web Key IT team she has undertaken a wide variety of courses all with a focus on website and document accessibility.

Amanda is passionate about doing work which benefits the wider community. This has led to her passion for website accessibility.



Dr Janette Ring - Project Manager

Jan has over 40 years’ experience in education and information technology with 25 years at the tertiary level in computer science fields including programming, graphics, multimedia and computer education. She has worked with online learning at school, tertiary and corporate levels, developing learning programmes and coaching online. Her particular focus is on how people successfully interact with computers and the creation of accessible user environments.

Her project management experience includes two years in the corporate world of Singapore where she was a Director at an international eLearning company which focused on developing and delivering bespoke eLearning programmes for Fortune 500 companies.

Her role at Web Key IT includes: project management, process control, staff development and web site auditing.



Emma Murray - Accounts Junior

My name is Emma Murray. I am the Accounts Junior assisting with invoicing, data entry, administrative duties and database maintenance. I have accounts experience and enjoy working in a friendly environment. I work part-time for Web Key IT as I also own my own business as a Piano Teacher in the Perth metro area. I am highly organised and goal-orientated, making this job perfect for me.