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Web Key IT Certificate in Digital Accessibility

“This is probably the only certificate from a work training course that I actually want to have displayed somewhere at my desk!”

Leah Napier
Reader Services Librarian - Spearwood/Cockburn Libraries


This certificate level program covers all major aspects of Digital Accessibility over five one-day sessions on consecutive weeks. An organisation that fills all five days qualifies for an organisational certificate.  An individual who takes all five days qualifies for a personal certificate and, if they are an ACS member, they also gain professional development hours.

The five-week course is comprised of self-standing course modules. This will allow an organisation to send different people to course days most suited to their position and responsibilities, gaining an organisational certificate rather than individual certificates. For example, it would allow an organisation to send technical people to technical days and content people to document days.

Course outcomes

During the course, participants will prepare a Digital Accessibility Action Plan for their organisation and conduct an initial high level review of the organisation’s digital resources (web & documents) under the guidance and support of Web Key IT’s accessibility experts.

The certificate can be completed either individually, or by an organisation. For organisations that send a team of people, those participants can become an in-house digital accessibility working group. Individual participants in the course will likely become in-house accessibility champions for their organisation, obtaining valuable personal skills.

The 5-week course program

  • Introduction to Digital Accessibility – online self-study course in preparation for the on-site training
  • Day 1 - Website Accessibility for Content authors and Developers
  • Day 2 - Creating Accessible Documents
  • Day 3 - Screen Readers – a training course in NVDA (requires the completion of Day 1) and The Mobile Experience – a look at mobiles/tablets and accessibility
  • Day 4 - Creating Accessible Forms
  • Day 5 - Taking Care of Business
  • Each day will begin with a short review Q&A session, group discussion, and time to work on a Digital Accessibility Action Plan

Each day will begin with a short review Q&A session. 

The final quarter of each day, afternoon tea to finish, is for guided work on participants own resources and for them to prepare a report for their organisation.  Participants who are part of a full five-week package will also be building the reports into their final Digital Accessibility Action Plan.

For information about our training options, detailed course outlines and upcoming training events please email us at Web Key IT.